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We are the world's only Heliometric technology provider with a complete service package


Due to the specifics of Helium gas and the impossibility of its storage and transportation to the laboratory and extensive experience in field work and data processing led us to the understanding that helium cannot be effectively measured on the surface with the standard geochemical approach and Heliometric technology must be a single complex, including equipment production, own field crews, data processors and interpreters.

In 2017, our team introduced the fourth generation of integrated Heliometric technology with a fully automated high sensitivity system and proprietary software, which allowed us to link field data collection and processing into a single solution, fully standardize all data collection processes in the field and apply modern machine learning algorithms for processing and interpreting data using our own database of Heliometric data from various basins of the world.

Today we have gone far from the original approach and expanded offshore. The collected Heliometric field data is processed by powerful algorithms that check the quality of the data and make sure that we take into account all the factors that influence data.

It was only by bringing the technology together that the Heliometric data made sense and started to correlate well with the existing geologic setting. Our long-standing experience shows that there is no other way of collecting reliable Heliometric data but to run an all-inclusive technology.

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Research and Development

A strong and experienced team of academic researchers, engineering staff and data scientists located across the globe work collaboratively to create and develop innovative heliometric technology and expand the use of subsoil helium gas as natural deposits indicator. 


Automated Field System Production

All heliometric field automation systems are manufactured in-house in Finland, giving us the assurance that they will not let us down during the surveys. 


We care not only about the sensitivity of the equipment, which has no equal at the moment, but also pay special attention to the reliability and quality of the assembly. Equipment tests are carried out several times before and during the field work.


The equipment is available in summer and winter suits, allowing us to conduct surveys throughout the year. In the case of complex terrain, we will anyway find solutions that allow us to traverse the study area quickly.


We manufacture equipment for offshore operations. The offshore system is also fully automated, ensuring high-quality heliometric data without the need to stop the vessel and re-shoot.

NOTICE: Our systems are not for sale and are only used for our own projects. Do not trust anyone who claims they are using our system in the field!


Software Solutions

Our software solutions are suitable for all phases of the process. We have more than a dozen different softwares we produce in-house that help us monitor data quality and avoid errors when collecting, processing and interpreting data.

NOTICE: Our software solutions are not for sale and are only used for our own projects. Do not trust anyone who claims they are using our software for heliometric data processing!


Onshore data acquisition

Our data collection principle is very simple. The quality of the data must be of the highest level and we have no room for error.


Therefore, land and sea data is collected by our automated field systems, which are controlled by experienced personnel. There is no way for operators to change the data values ​​or have severe mistake that could lead to a false information.


On land, we use a method that allows us to quickly determine the gas flow and helium content. All information is immediately checked for quality and in the presence of any error, the operator receives a command to repeat the measurements.

NOTICE: We do not let any other partner companies access data or control the data collection process, guaranteeing the confidentiality of our customers.

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Offshore data acquisition

At sea, our systems are also fully automated and allow us to measure the concentration of helium in the water in the shortest possible time right on the ship.

A clear process for checking the quality of the sample and the heliometric data itself at sea does not require stopping the vessel and re-shooting the measuring station.


We use only our own personnel with maritime experience and maintenance of our systems.

NOTICE: We do not let any other partner companies access data or control the data collection process, guaranteeing the valuable data confidentiality for our customers.


Data processing

Multi-level data processing allows us to work with many parameters at once, identifying and eliminating factors that affect heliometric data.

The primary analysis of data quality is carried out directly on site, allowing control over the reliability of heliometric data.

Express data processing takes place the next day and verifies the quality of the data.

The main data processing takes from two to four weeks and is carried out on modern proprietary software with elements of machine learning and powerful algorithms. This processing guarantees the high quality of the output data and allows us to say that the heliometric data is correct and ready for the next stage of interpretation.

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Data interpretation

Data interpretation occurs at several levels.

At FIRST level, heliometric data is correlated to the available geological and geophysical information. Such an interpretation depends on the quality of available geological and geophysical information.

The SECOND level of interpretation contains a correlation with the results of the drilled wells. This integration allows to define a "HELIOMETRIC IMAGE" of dry, commercial or sub-commercial wells for the selected geology.

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Data Integration and Geo-Modelling in Resource Exploration

The THIRD level of interpretation is called G+G+HE model. In this model, heliometric data is already integrated at the level of geophysical data processing and interpretation.


This approach makes it possible to improve the quality of interpretation of geophysical data and to pay attention to areas that could be missed with the conventional approach.


The "HELIOMETRIC IMAGE" of successful commercial wells at this level of integration is highly reliable and prospect's Probability of Success (POS) can be greatly assessed.


This service is performed by our sister company Nordic Geophysical Ltd.

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Data Integration and Hydrodynamic Modelling for Oil & Gas producing fields

Heliometric data is used together with the latest generation of data-driven INSIM-FT model, which allows to significantly reduce the time of calculating the physical model of the field compared to traditional hydrodynamic simulators.


Our ML-based model allows to automatically adapt hundreds, thousands of physical models, while reducing  MAPE - mean average percentage error - to 20%. 

A more accurate physical model of the field with heliometric data solves the field optimization problem and supports selection of the best decisions on what exactly should be done in the field in order to maintain and increase production, to involve in the development of areas not currently covered.


This service is performed by our sister company Froswell Ltd.

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