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Our onshore and offshore drilling outcome predictions based on Heliometric data are highly accurate saving millions of dollars every year


The oil and gas exploration has moved into geologically unfriendly regions where structural complexity and deposit system fundamentals are significant challenges. Underperformance in exploration is often coupled with a low drilling success rate.


Decisions related to exploration and production are still very complex because of the high number of issues involved in the process. The amount of available data before drilling is often very limited and variable in terms of type and quality so the drilling risk comes from uncertainty.

The success rate, for example, for wildcat drilling is around 30%.

Actual Geology brings a new multidisciplinary approach to maximize the value of the G&G data and mitigate uncertainty of drilling outcome to the greatest extent possible. Our customers drill wells within Heliometric Anomalies confirmed by geology with a lowest possible risk, knowing and understanding the target beforehand.


Heliometric data has been applied onshore & offshore in more than 200 projects and shows very good quality data and is getting widely known as future-proof method that can reliably predict 90% of subsequent commercial discoveries and about 99% of the eventual dry holes.   


Based on many years of experience, we declare that within intensive positive Heliometric anomalies the probability of successful drilling is much higher and reaches 90% or even more.


Land in the pay zone


65% on the edge of Heliometric Anomaly

0% outside of Heliometric Anomaly

80% inside of Heliometric Anomaly


  • According to our experience, in the contours of positive Heliometric anomalies of significant size and area, the probability of success (obtaining an industrial flow) is much higher than outside them, and reaches 80% when anomaly is confirmed by other geological and geophysical informaiton.

  • In the case of drilling in the zones of background values ​​and negative Heliometric anomalies, the probability of drilling success decreases significantly.

  • In the zones of positive Heliometric anomalies confirmed by G&G, the probability of failure (non-industrial flow) exists, but it is small and amounts to about 15%, based on our many years of experience.

Heliometric Technology success rate confirmed by drilling -

up to 100%

CONVENTIONAL and unconventional Oil & Gas, helium, geothermal, hydrogen deposits 

and offshore


AREAL 3D heliometric survey over the prospect

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