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Combining science, data acquisition expertise together with unique data processing and integration methods in a single approach


Thanks to our many years of experience in collecting, processing and integrating heliometric data, our approach has many advantages and has the fewest possible restrictions on application.

We are more than confident in the quality of our data, which ensures a high level of data integration into geological and geophysical information, increasing its value and reducing the risks of exploration and development of many types of deposits.

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Single service provider 

Our customers use only the most modern approach in the field of heliometric data. This became possible after the creation of all necessary conditions within the group of companies. Our companies cover the entire technological spectrum from research and equipment production to the creation of unique algorithms and software for processing and integrating heliometric data.


Very high success rate in the industry

There are not many techniques in geology that can show a high degree of certainty. Despite almost 20 years of experience, our technology is among the "new". At the same time, the effectiveness of our technology is currently unrivalled, as evidenced by numerous wells drilled. For example, predicting drilling results using Heliometric data has never been wrong in recent years.


Method comes from the science

Our story begins in the corridors and departments of the University of Geosciences. We are proud of our founding fathers - well-known and respected scientists, who developed and commercialised the technology. A strong and experienced team of scientists continues to support and develop innovative heliometric technology as natural deposits indicator. 

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Method proven by experience

The research of heliometric method began in 1992 and continued for more than 11 years in actual field surveying. For almost 20 years, it was used in various geological conditions both onshore and offshore, more than 200 projects completed, 42 000 km2 surveyed and the level of the technology has become so high that in recent years the accuracy of predicting drilling results has reached 100%.

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Reliable Field Data Quality

Whether onshore or offshore, data quality must be of the highest level, leaving us no room for error. At the same time, we have to be fast and cannot waste time and budgets for re-visiting points. Therefore, Heliometric data is collected by an automated field system controlled by experienced personnel to ensure the quality of each sample. In case measurement is not accepted, it is not used in the dataset.


Data Processing you can trust

We independently developed an integrated approach to data processing, created unique algorithms that guarantee us the best result. The AI-based solution helps to recognise incorrect data, highlight anomalies, and integrate a large number of factors that affect helium values. Thanks to our technology, we are confident that the final helium data is the closest to the true value.

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Suitable for Offshore and Onshore

The transition from land to water is always problematic for any technology. Our technology required major improvements and extensive experience with water-based measurements before we were able to obtain data that looks the same on land and water, allowing complex integration of objects located in, for example, offshore transit zones.


Sustainable  method

We created a method that does not have any negative impact on the environment, neither on land nor in water. Our surveys leave no trace, completely safe for both the local communities and the wildlife.  The use of our method has led to a significant reduction in inefficient drilling in recent years. We believe we are making a huge contribution to the future of our planet.


Correlations to existing wells? NO!

Many technologies require correlation with existing drilling results. Our Heliometric technology is ideal for prospecting and exploration of resources where drilling has not yet been carried out. The heliometric data alone will clearly show the prospect zones. Further drilling, data integration and correlation increases the quality of the geological model, but for the first well, Heliometric data may be enough for you.

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Integrations Friendly data

Integrating Heliometric values into existing geological and geophysical information was a major challenge before us. Many teams tried Helium surveys, but the data quality remained poor and did not match when re-surveyed a year later. We introduced data standards and algorithms, making possible the integration with G+G. Our data is trusted and is already being used in complex reservoir ML-based models and many more deep integration solutions to come.

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