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The world's record of deepwater Heliometric data quality and sample acquisition speed belongs to us


Large discoveries in deepwater have increased the attractiveness of deepwater.


Taking into account a growing interest of Petroleum Operators in deeper waters, Actual Geology has developed special solutions for Helium Surveys with water depth from 300 meters and deeper.

To sustain a high speed of operations, we use unique water sampling submersible carriages that moved below the current and collect water samplers. At the same time we apply high speed automated helium measurement systems to identify helium concentrations in water "as we go".

The same technological approach and data collection techniques are used for Ultra-Deepwater starting from 2 000 meter. In this case, remotely operated submersible vehicles can be utilized for a more precise helium surveys to achieve the required image and objectives.

All work is carried out by professional teams with extensive experience in similar projects. Systems and equipment are manufactured according to own design and adapted for uninterrupted operation in the open sea. The high reliability of our systems guarantees high data quality at a high speed of work, which can reach up to 120 measurement stations per day.

Heliometric data acquired by Regional 2D Profiling with a measurement step from 100 to 300 meters and used for the assessment of the hydrocarbon potential of large deepwater offshore areas before Seismic 2D/3D and as well for the evaluation of the hydrocarbon saturation of prospects identified by geophysical methods.

Field Surveys

Methods applied

  • Heliometric data acquisition

  • Additional Geochemical Studies

Field Systems

  • Heliometric data - Onboard Automated Heologic System SEA MASTER

  • Water sampling and packing set for Chromatographic laboratory gas testing

Grid size

  • 2D Profiled Heliometric Survey: 100m - 300m

  • Additional Geochemical Studies: by client's design



  • Transportation: Support, Supply or Research vessels

  • Crew: 14 pax


Speed of work

  • Approx. 5-6 stations per hour

Factors to take into consideration

  • Season

  • Weather conditions

  • Current

  • Water depth

  • Wild life

  • Offshore Structures

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