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Our non-stop R&D process is based on science, experience, big thinking and digital


We’re working to build a future where high quality of Field Survey Data becomes a part of every geological study, with a focus on Heliometric data acquisition, processing, integration, and advanced research. We have some of the brightest thinkers from across the world dedicated to building the future of Field Surveying where everyone can de-risk natural resource exploration and production more efficiently.

Actual Geology as a Member of Heologic Group combines technology, innovation and collaboration at every step from sensor design to final image.

Our R&D teams have decades of experience generating industry game-changing heliometric technology. We strongly belief that our technology will be the main engine driving innovative technologies in natural resource Exploration and Production creating new value for the acreages.


A strong and experienced team of research and engineering staff located across the globe work collaboratively to create and develop innovative technology. Moreover, we forge partnerships with industrial firms and academic researchers and invest in digital and artificial intelligence (AI) expertise to develop internal solutions for data processing and interpretation.

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