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Integrated subsoil studies for the transit zones frontier exploration


The earliest Acquaitic Heliometric studies investigated lakes, rivers, and swamps in the late 1990s.


Years of practise have shown that surveying Helium gas on water is a complex process, as any slight error in sampling can lead to inaccurate results.

Taking into account the many factors involved in data collection on the water, we have developed our own methods and portable measurement systems, which give us confidence in the quality of the data collected.


Such measurement system is placed on a boat or catamaran and  pumps the water  through a flexible hose to a special degassing unit and measurement of Heliometric data. We register Heliometric values with reference to the coordinates of the measurement and subsequently process data on our unique software.

Work in swamps is often carried out in winter conditions on ice, since moving is almost impossible.

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Frontier Exploration


In most cases, the Frontier Exploration field work on water is carried out through Regional 2D profiles, which has the characteristics of fast work speed and high data reliability.

Such Heliometric surveys can be performed both prior to setting up a seismic survey to detect the most promising areas, and in conjunction with a seismic survey.

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Near-Field Exploration


This type of Heliometric survey on lakes, rivers and swamps is characterized by the need for a correlation with existing wells and has both land and water stages. 


This approach requires the simultaneous use of different types of equipment and techniques. It is important to note that despite the different approaches for land and water measurements, the data we obtain are successfully integrated into other geological information and correlated.


Additional Geochemical Gas Sampling


This type of activity is carried out by a separate request from the customers and carefully planned prior to Helium Survey.


Exploration River/Lake/Swamp Surveys on Ice

Helium Survey on ice is a complicated field activity. To collect high-quality Heliometric data on ice, we use special highly-sensitive heated measuring systems that are protected from moisture and allow us to record even slight increases in Helium concentrations. 

Field Surveys

Methods applied

  • Heliometric data acquisition


Field Systems

  • Heliometric data - Mobile boat-based Automated Heologic Field System RIVER MASTER

  • Water sampling and packing set for Chromatographic laboratory gas testing

Grid size

  • 2D Profiled Heliometric Survey: 100m - 400m

  • 3D Areal Heliometric Survey: 100m - 250m



  • River/Lake Transportation on Water: River Boat

  • River/Lake Transportation on Ice: Snowmobile

  • Swamp Transportation on Water: Swamp walker or All-terrain vehicle

  • Swamp Transportation on Ice: Snowmobile

  • Operators: 3 per crew


Speed of work

  • Approx. 2-3 stations per hour

Factors to take into consideration

  • Season

  • Weather conditions

  • River Current

  • Water depth

  • Wild life

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